Authenticating BrightGauge in HubSpot


Hubspot no longer supports API key-based authentication and requires HubSpot-configured access tokens for authentication instead of API keys. This article describes how to access tokens using private app authentication. Once authenticated, partners can set the scope and authenticate the BrightGauge integration. 


Private App Authentication Edit section

Note: You must have HubSpot Super Admin permissions to access private apps in your HubSpot account.

Private apps use HubSpot's APIs to access specific data from your HubSpot account. You can authorize what each private app can request or change in your account, which will generate an access token that is unique to your app. Private apps can only be installed on a single account. For more information on Private Apps, please refer to HubSpot's documentation: Private Apps.

Utilize Hubspot Access Token to authenticate BrightGauge.



Create a Private App

In your HubSpot account:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to IntegrationsPrivate Apps.  
  3. Click Create Private app.
  4. On the Basic Info tab, configure the details of your app. Include your app's name, logo, and description.
  5. Click theScopes tab.
  6. Select the Read or Write checkbox for each scope you want your private app to be able to access. You can also search for a specific scope using the Find a scope search bar. Please note, if the incorrect scope is set then you may not get a success response to the API calls from BrightGauge.
  7. ClickCreate app in the top right after you are done configuring your app.
  8. In the dialog box, review the info about your app's access token and click Continue creating.
  9. Once created, you can start making API calls using the app's access token. If you need to edit your app's info or change the scope, click Edit details.


Make API Calls with Private App Access Token

To start making API calls, navigate to the details page of your app in HubSpot.

  1. Click the Access token card
  2. Click Show token to reveal your access token.
  3. ClickCopyto copy the token to your clipboard.
  4. Paste the access token in the API Key authenticator for BrightGauge.
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