22-Dec-2016 | New Integration Announcement: Zendesk

Eric Dosal -

Managing your Support Team just got easier with the combination of Zendesk and BrightGauge.

Zendesk offers a complete helpdesk solution to thousands of small and medium sized businesses, and we’re thrilled to make it easier than ever for customers to visualize their most important data.

Our Zendesk integration gives you the ability to track and manage your Service Team in real time. This helps you boost your efficiency and can benefit every area of your business.

Here are some of the key gauges in our new integration:

Unsolved Tickets By Type helps you understand the type of tickets you receive most, and the type of tickets your team struggles with.

Opened vs Closed Last 14 Days will help you identify trends for both your team’s completion of tickets and the amount of tickets coming in.

This CSAT gauge will help give you an idea of how satisfied your customers are with your support team.

Our new Zendesk integration comes in addition to the sales, financial, CSAT and other data that you can already view in BrightGauge. In other words, you can now get a full view of the metrics that help you run your business. You no longer need to login to all those separate sources to compile reports and view data for meetings!

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