13-Jan-2017 | Upload Custom Image for User Icon

Brian Dosal -

We are excited to announce our first new feature of 2017!  You can now upload your own image for your user icon (avatar).  Know that icon in the top right of the navigation bar?

Or the user icon in a Scorecard when you are assigned a KPI.

These were currently being pulled from gravatar.com only but we have now released the functionality for you to upload using any image.  Simply go to your My Details page and click the button below.

This will prompt you to upload your own image or use an image already in your account. This modal should look familiar as it's the same modal for Leaderboard Gauge.

If you don’t select any image, we’ll still try to match the email from gravatar.com.  But the power is now in your hands to crop and choose whatever image you want to make BrightGauge more personal to you!

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