User Session Expiration

Session expiration is the way we, as a software company, force users to have to re-login after a certain period of time. It's a delicate balance between ease of use versus protecting the sensitivity of data the software product has access to. With BrightGauge, it's especially important as we don't want users to have to re-login to their TVs with dashboards up constantly while still wanting some rules to protect against a user that leaves a browser session open and having access to sensitive financial data. We have set up new rules that we feel meet this balance.  


Session expiration: Two years

For Viewer user types, who have limited access to data at BrightGauge, we have set the expiration time to be 2 years. This allows companies that have our dashboards up on a TV to not have to re-login to their dashboards for two years if they are logged in with a Viewer license.

Admins & Analysts

Session expiration: Two weeks

For Admins and Analysts, we have set the expiration to two weeks of time. After two weeks, the following alert pops up when your session has expired. If you are using an Admin and Analyst to put a dashboard up on a TV, we strongly suggest using a Viewer license, which is free, instead.

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