25-Jan-2017 | Adding Users to Dashboards from User Page

Brian Dosal -

One of our themes this year is "Less Clicks, More Magic" and we are starting off by improving an experience that has been bothering us for years!  The ability to add/remove users from multiple dashboards in one central spot, their user page.  

When you go to a User Page (and Viewers too) and click to edit them and invite a new one, you will be presented with your list of dashboards.

That user will then get an email that includes the dashboards they were added to!  If they are newly invited, it will be included in their invite email.

Important Note:

If you are editing or inviting a user, you will notice 2 additional states then the options above (unchecked and checked).  You may find dashboards that are inactive with a checkmark and inactive without a checkmark.


The "checked but inactive" (Mobile Dashboard) is that the user you are editing is the owner of the dashboard.  We will allow for switching owners soon.

The "unchecked but inactive" (Orlando Test) means that YOU do not have access to that dashboard.  As an admin, we will be working giving you access to ALL dashboards soon as well.

We didn't want the two new features I just mentioned to slow down this release as it will improve working within BrightGauge!



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