11-Aug-2017 | Dual Axis Charts

Brian Dosal -

Last week released a cool little feature in the Gauge Builder where you can have two customizable axis when using two layers.  A a picture is worth a thousand words though.  See below:


If I wanted to see a trend of tickets opened and also bad surveys together... I can now do so in BrightGauge.  This gives us the ability to spot trends on values that may not be otherwise spotted since the values are so different from each other.  For example, in the chart above, the black line is Bad Survey Responses and blue line is Tickets Opened (shown monthly).  I can quickly see that we had a dip in tickets in April but had a spike in bad surveys... even though the numbers are 961 and 8 respectively.  Something I can now dig into...

This is configurable in the Design Settings of the Gauge Builder.


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