Switching SmileBack from Dropbox to API Integration

BrightGauge, at long last, has an integration with SmileBack's API!  We've been working over the last few months with their development team to get the API written and then integrated into BrightGauge.  We're very excited about this since it allows us to better manage the integration (new gauges, add in new fields, and better control over the sync).  

Danny is especially excited since he doesn't have to build the gauges anymore.

What does this mean for you?  Well to start, we're not forcing you off of Dropbox.  If you're perfectly happy using the current integration through Dropbox, then by all means stay the course and feel free to stop reading now (SmileBack may be decreasing it's functionality at a later date though).  We are however willing to let you keep the Dropbox integration free if you do decide to make the switch.

If you want to make the switch over, here's what will happen:

  1. Authorize an extra datasource in BrightGauge.
  2. Add the SmileBack datasource.
  3. Move gauges over to new datasource by switching datasets on gauges.
  4. Alert our support team that you've setup the datasource so that we can migrate your client mappings and comp the Dropbox datasource.

Of all steps, 3 is going to be the most technical.  Below is a quick gif showing you how to do that:

Switching datasets on gauges

We recognize that moving all the gauges can be a daunting task, so we'll be glad to help you with that. Just be aware that we'll be handling lots of requests, so it might take some time.

If you have no desire to keep Dropbox anymore, please keep it until we've migrated your client mappings over.  If you delete it before we get a chance to move them over, it will delete EVERYTHING and there is no way to get the gauges or client mappings back.

That's it!  We're excited to have SmileBack as a fully functional featured integration and have you all reap the benefits of that.

Until then, salutations!​

Integration Product Manager

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