10-Apr-2017 | Data Driven Workshop Features 2 of 5 complete!

Brian Dosal -

Last week we hosted our first “Data Driven Workshop” where we hosted 15 customers at our offices for a full 2day training on BrightGauge and being Data Driven as an IT Service Provider.  The Product Team ended up participating in quite a bit of the sessions just to hear feedback on the product and hear pain points brought up by customers.
During the roadmap session we had an open forum where we took in live feature requests.  Half way through it, I figured it would be fun to get everyone’s “wish list” and then put them all together and have the entire group vote on their favorite three features of the entire list.  And then we would take the top 3 of those and get them done within the quarter.  Well, we decided to do the top five and have just completed two of them.
We have to admit, the first two were easy ones but either way, we wanted to share with you all!
In Dashboard Users, there is now a Select All. 
And the other feature request was to add Goal Lines to Bar Charts.  Done!
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