1-May-2017 | Text Module on Dashboards!

Brian Dosal -

One of the features that was voted to the top in our most recent Data Driven Workshop was the ability to have a Text Module on the dashboard!  Since we promised we would deliver on their top 5 features (that was in our backlog) here it is... btw, we love this feature too!


The same functionality that exists in the Report Builder has been brought to Dashboards. You can add a text module by clicking on Gauges and you'll see the familiar Modules section:


Here you will be presented with the WYSIWYG editor. 


Once you've added your content and added it to your dashboard you will be able to edit the module by hovering over it and the familiar gauge header will appear with an edit icon.


Which will re-open the module where you can edit and delete it.


We have unique dashboard text sizes so that they are readable from far distances.  Click on the paragraph icon to see.


This feature is great to add more context to your dashboards or like we've heard, to use it to welcome people to an office!


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