ConnectWise Manage Hosted FAQs

Integrations Team -

Had a few questions come up about this and figured we should write this up to help clear up confusion.

How do we connect to ConnectWise Manage Hosted?

We connect through the Manage REST API.  This is the only way that we connect and the only way we are certified to connect to ConnectWise Manage Hosted.

What do we query?

Within the REST API, we tend to stick to what they call the Reporting calls, which allows us to get more data in a single call.  That being said, we do know there are instances where the data needed isn't in the Reporting calls, so we make calls to the regular APIs in those instances.

Why are we limited in what we query?

To not get too technical, we have to pull data in a way that doesn't overload our and ConnectWise's servers.  As a result, there are rate limits and so we have designed our API calls to make sure we don't hit those rate limits.  Not everyone is the same, but unfortunately our setup does not allow us to customize the API calls per account.

Why not use Cloud Connect?

ConnectWise Manage has a product known as Cloud Connect.  This is what is known as an ODBC connectoin, a way to query the Hosted database remotely.  This is not something vendors are supported to use by ConnectWise, we have to use the API as certified Connectwise partners.  They are REALLY committed to getting all the data we need/you need into their APIs so anything thats missing let us know and we'll let them know.  They've been great about including new fields so that Cloud Connect doesn't ever have to be used!


I hope this helps.  Let us know if you have any questions in a comment or email our support desk


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