Goal Filters

Brian Dosal -

For our power users... this feature is for you!  We know you want to create Gauge based Goals for each of your engineers and/or salespeople (e.g. utilization weekly) and now you can!  With Goal Filtering, we made it easier and faster to create multiple Goals based on one Gauge.


To utilize Goal Filtering, click on the filter icon next to the Goal name and you will be presented with an option to pick any text field from the Gauge’s Dataset.  The text filters work just like they do in the Gauge Builder and are applied to the entire Gauge.  Now you can quickly create multiple Goals powered by ONE Gauge and filter it at the Goal level.  This is a big time saver and a way to assign everyone a similar Goal powered by just one Gauge.

Note: As of November 2017, we only support text fields as filters in Goals.  We will soon expand to date and number fields as well.

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