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Goal Inspirations

  1. Where Do They Come From?
  2. How to Use Them?


Where Do They Come From?

We know it can feel a little daunting to venture into goal setting territory with your team for the first time. In order to ease this anxiety and pain point for our customers, we did two important things. First, we created a great piece of content on proper goal setting, but we didn’t stop there. We then asked for feedback from our customers on what goals they use in their company to keep their team accountable and aligned.  Because we have the BEST customers, they provided a ton of great ideas. We then took these ideas and added them into the product to help you get started. We called these Goal Inspirations!


We have categorized the Goal Inspirations by team so it's easier to search and find the Goal that is most pertinent to you.


How to Use Them?

When creating a Goal, you will see the option to choose from a curated list of Goal Inspirations.  


Then just pick the Goals that pertain to you, your team, or your business. You will be asked to pick a target number (if it’s necessary) and you will be auto-assigned as the Owner of the Goal.  You can always change the Goal Owner by clicking on the image. The Gauge that powers it (if applicable), the name, and the description are already provided for you and you can edit them after adding the Goal to your Goal List.

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