Dashboard Present Mode & Rotating Displays


One of the most popular uses at BrightGauge is to put your dashboards up on a BIG SCREEN TV! This is especially true since many of our customers are IT Services firms who have a Help Desk or bullpen-style work environment. A TV with real-time information helps everyone stay on the same page. With this need in mind, we have two cool features we’re here to discuss.

Tip: Because your BrighGauge account includes an unlimited number of Viewer users, and only a limited number of Analysts and Admins, we recommend using Viewer user accounts to display dashboards. Plus, Viewer user sessions expire after two years, meaning you won't have to worry about logging in frequently to keep the session active. If you'd like, you can create a Viewer account specifically for presenting dashboards. Be sure to share the desired dashboard(s) with that account. Then, log in with that Viewer account to present the dashboard.


Present Mode

To present a dashboard, click the Present button in the top-right corner of a dashboard and select one of the following options:


Single Dashboards

If you select the Single Dashboard option, the end result is a minimized dashboard that takes up the monitor's full-screen capability. Please note that the watermark in the lower-right corner of a displayed dashboard cannot be removed.

You can choose to display the dashboard with either a dark background or a light background. To change the dashboard background color, click on the paintbrush icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.

If you ever want to go directly to this URL with the minimized header and dark background, you can just copy the Dashboard URL and add in /TV at the end. For example, https://test.brightgauge.co/dashboards/a34f-11e6-b859-0e0926961905/tv


Rotating Dashboards

If you have more dashboards than display screens, you can select the Rotate Dashboards present option to display multiple dashboards on a single monitor. Configure three playlists of up to ten dashboards each. After you create your playlists, click Present to enter present mode.

The default rotation time for the dashboard is two minutes. To change the rotation time, click the time icon in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

You can also get the unique URL to go directly into the playlist by clicking on the link icon next to the playlist name. The link will be copied to your clipboard automatically.

You’ll see the PAUSE button on your dashboard with a line that circulates indicating the next time it will rotate. You can always pause your dashboard rotation if you wanted to drill into a particular gauge.

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