Dashboard Sound Alerts

Brian Dosal -

NOTE: Only available on NUMBER Gauges and Progress Gauges.

You can now turn on audio/sound thresholds for gauges in dashboards!  You do so by going into the Gauge, Design, Colors & Thresholds and checking "Play Dashboard Alert" when you set up a threshold.  When the gauge syncs on a dashboard and meets the threshold, DING, you'll hear the sound.


How it works is fairly straightforward but here are the rules implemented:

  • Anytime the Gauge syncs and meets the threshold configured, the sound will alert.  
  • If the gauge continues to sync and meet the threshold, the sound will repeat on each sync.
  • If the gauge is on a dashboard rotation, and the gauge syncs while not on the shown dashboard, the next time the dashboard shows up, the sound will alert.
  • The Gauge will have a red sound alert icon to signify which alert just went off.



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