CSV Exporting of your data (gauges, drilldown, and datasets)

Brian Dosal -

NOTE: CSV is coming directly from our database.  The DATES we are sending is what we are storing in our database and does not account for your timezone (which we do in the UI of the app). This is a Known Issue we want to resolve.
The data in BrightGauge comes from your systems but many times customers want to get the data into BrightGauge, and then out in CSV form for whatever data transformation they want to do with Excel.  We have three options to get data out into CSV form.
From the dataset page, you can click on Export to CSV button and a CSV will be emailed to you.
From the Gauges menu in Dashboards, you can download the gauge data CSV.  Note: if this is not a list gauge, you will get the pivoted data from the gauge (that already has the transformation.
This is the most popular spot for CSV exports.  Anytime you are drill down, with the exception of a SENT REPORT (since those are public links) you can drill down from the top right of the CSV.
The CSV will be emailed in a few minutes from our system!
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