12-Jun-2017 | Report Builder Page Breaks & Other Changes

Brian Dosal -

The Report Designing step has gotten a little overhaul just now in June 2017.  A few things to point your attention to…

  1. The dotted lines around widgets are to signify that you are in builder mode. Different than View Mode.  View mode is how the report output will ultimately look like.
  2. If you want to view how report will look like once generated, you can press Preview Report.
  3. Sent reports will always have page breaks but the builder does not since table heights are dynamic.
  4. You can customize page breaks with a new module on top left of browser.
  5. On sent reports, Text Modules and Tables heights will adjust to the content inside them!

Here are two screenshots to highlight the new changes.

Report Builder with Page Breaks move_up_page_break.png

Report Builder Preview Report


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