14-Jun-2017 | Goal Summary Emails

Brian Dosal -

We recently added a sweet new feature to Goals, summary emails!  First off, they look like this:


You can configure WHEN and if these get sent by going to the Goals More Menu and clicking Goals Summary Email




Here are the details and answer to the common questions:

  1. These emails go to everyone on the goals list (whoever has an assigned KPI)
  2. They will mimic the Goal list style, show Red/Green if the user has checked in the KPI and will be blank if it's a manual KPI that has not been checked in.
  3. They are split up by Goal Headers (if you have used those in the list).
  4. Default time to send is Monday Morning at 8am local time. But you have a few options to choose from (Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning) to give your team more time to check in.  More flexibility will come soon too!  You can also opt NOT to send a summary email too. 
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