29-Jun-17 | Archiving Scorecards

Brian Dosal -

At BrightGauge we use Scorecards religiously and found that at end of our business quarters, we wanted to change up all our KPIs and start fresh.  But we didn't want to get rid of our old scorecard for historical viewing purposes.  So we baked in the ability to archive scorecards so they no longer send reminder emails or summaries, and don't clutter up your scorecard list.  Here's how it works..

In scorecards more menu, you will have an option to Archive.


Once Archived, the scorecard is only viewable, with the exception that you can delete or rename the scorecard.  Or unarchive it of course.


You'll see a yellow header stating its archived and you can restore it there or from the more menu.

Lastly, if you are looking for an unarchived scorecard, you will find it in the Scorecard menu in the top left. that will launch a modal to choose your archived scorecard to view.



Let us know if you have any questions!



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