14-July-2017 | ConnectWise Manage On Premise Dashboards!

Integrations Team -

We've rolled out a new set of dashboards related to technicians and think you'll get a kick out of them.  Here they are:

Member Efficiency

This take use of an old gauge that we call Member Scorecard.  That was built before we had real scorecards and it was causing some confusion, so we got around to changing the name and figured we should put it front and center as a dashboard.  As Rick, our data guru puts it:

This is one of my favorite advanced gauges and I strongly believe it's something many of our clients can get value out of. Not only does this give you worthwhile information surrounding your technicians but it also utilizes every component of our advanced plan, all at a quick glance. We're tapping into multiple datasets and using calculated metrics to get our utilization.



In/Out Board

This was a feature request from our forums (see we do read those!).  This pulls in the check in/out information and displays them in a headsup manner.




This is data that had a recent uptick in requests, so we got the hint and made it default.  You can read more about this here, but we also included a dashboard for you all to use.






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