14-July-2017 | ConnectWise Manage Hosted Project Data

Integrations Team -

If you're tracking projects in ConnectWise Manage, this will be the update for you!  It's something we've been meaning to release for sometime and finally bit the bullet and got it out there for you all to use.


With this we have updated two existing datasets and released a third:

  • updated: Project Phases & Tickets   (phase and tickets for projects.  comes from the Gant Chart section of projects)
  • updated: Time Entry.  added a field to combine project number and name.
  • new: Project Statistics  (a whole project summary)



This dashboard is meant to be able to help you keep track of what has happened and what is coming up for everything related to projects.

Gauge list

  • Open Projects
  • Stale Projects
  • Open Project Tickets
  • Unassigned Project Tickets
  • Project Hours This Week
  • Project Hours Last Week
  • Hours Spent on Open Projects
  • Open Project Tickets by Project Manager
  • Open Project Phases & Tickets
  • Open Project by Status
  • Open Project Tickets by Status


This is a monthly report that is designed to help you get a better standing of how things went amongst your technicians and companies.


Gauge List

  • Open Projects
  • Stale Projects
  • Project Hours This Month
  • Project Hours by Project This Month
  • Projects Starting in the Next 30 Days
  • Projects Closing in the Next 30 Days
  • Open Projects by Status
  • Open Project Tickets
  • Unassigned Project Tickets
  • Open Project Tickets by Company by Project
  • Open Project Tickets by Status
  • Open Project Phases & Tickets



One thing to note though is we currently don't have anything related to budget information. This is because CW calculates project budgets 2 ways:

  • estimated hours
  • per ticket budget

We have the per ticket budget, but not the estimated hours, so this means any budget calculations will be off.  We have raised this issue with the ConnectWise API team though and they are working on a fix, so we hope to have it for you all soon.

Happy project tracking!

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