14-July-2017 | ConnectWise Automate (Labtech) Machine Health Score change

Integrations Team -

Hi all,

Last year we released a highly requested dataset to pull in machine and client health.  We were very excited to have it, but since then newer version of Automate have removed the tables that we used for that report.  Upon investigating more, the entire report structure changed, so we had to change what we offered as well.  We have replaced the Machine Health Check dataset and the associated gauges with a Standards Health Check.  Those on the old dataset still have it, but please be aware that you should stop using that and switch to the new ones.  Anyone that onboarded after 14 June 2017, will only have the Standards Health Check dataset and gauges.

NOTE: The Standards Health Check requires Labtech 11 and the new reporting module installed.  If you don't have these, then you'll be missing the tables required.  Reach out to our support desk if you're not on v11 yet and we can roll out the previous version to you.

We also updated the reports which you can see below.

Machine Health Report - Client


Gauge List

  • Overall Server Health %
  • Overall Workstation Health %
  • Server Health Check v11
  • Workstation Health Check v11

Overall Health Report - Internal


Gauge List

  • Overall Server Health %
  • Overall Workstation Health %
  • Client Health Check v11
  • Top 10 Lowest Health Clients
  • Top 10 Lowest Health Machines
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