28-July-2017 | ConnectWise Manage On Premise Project Update

Integrations Team -

Sometimes we have great ideas at BrightGauge and are just slow on implementing. Boo right?  Yeah this is one of those times and I'm glad to announce we've seen the error in our ways and are finally releasing gauges for our Project Data dataset.  


It doesn't stop there though as we feel really bad about how long this has taken so we've created a new project based dataset and bundled in dashboards and reports.


New: Project Phase and Tickets 210 Days

This dataset follows the workplan section of a project which lays out phases (sections of a project) and the tickets within each phase.  If a phase has no tickets, this dataset will just list the phase and any associated data.



  • Time Entry: We technically updated this, but it's just a new field that combines project number and name in 1.
  • Project Data
    • This update is a doozie.  For years this dataset has relied on best practices and client reporting.  This means that much of the data was data that was meant to be seen by a client or setup in a way to best manage a project.  This however was in contrast to the way ConnetWise Manage showed you the data.  We finally acquiesced and now have our numbers match what you see in ConnectWise Manage and moved the numbers we used to new fields.

If any of the new gauges that are a part of this roll out are broken and are on one of the two updated datasets above, let us know and our amazing success team can get that sorted out for you.


Project Management


Project Ticket Management




Weekly Project Work Summary



Monthly Project Wrapup




Most of the gauges we created are in use in one of the report or dashboard templates above, but there were a few that were created and not used.  If you're curious a full list can be found below.

  • Project Tickets Opened vs Closed - Last 30 Days
  • Over Budget Project Tickets
  • Project Tickets Opened This Week
  • Project Tickets Opened Today
  • Past Due Project Tickets
  • Project Tickets Closed This Week
  • Stale Project Tickets by Project Manager
  • Stale Project Tickets by Ticket Owner
  • Open Phases
  • Project Tickets Closed Today
  • Open Project Tickets
  • Stale Project Tickets
  • Project Tickets Lacking Budget
  • Project Tickets by Status
  • Unassigned Project Tickets
  • Projects Ending This Week
  • Projects Starting This Week
  • Projects Closed This Mon
  • Projects Opened This Month
  • Hours on Projects by Tech - This Week
  • Distinct Project Tickets Worked on This Week by Tech
  • Projects Worked on This Week
  • Open Project Tickets by Company by Project
  • Open Project Phases & Tickets
  • Unassigned Project Tickets
  • Open Project Tickets by Project Manager
  • Open Project Tickets
  • Open Project Tickets by Status
  • Budget Remaining on Open Projects
  • Projects Starting in the Next 30 Days
  • Projects Closing in the Next 30 Days
  • Open Project by Status
  • Stale Projects
  • Open Projects
  • Hours Spent on Open Projects
  • % Remaining on Open Projects


That's it.  Hope you get some use out of them.

Berg out.


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