11-Jan-2018 | New Integration: Accelo

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Advance your Project Management IQ with Accelo + BrightGauge

Announcing the launch of BrightGauge’s latest integration: Accelo!

A fast-growing startup, Accelo provides a cloud-based project management tool fit for the needs of the Service Operations Automation industry. With this suite of tools, you can power every aspect of your business, including sales, projects, service, and retainers.

Through working with Accelo’s API, BrightGauge is able to pull in your lead and client data, helping you to get a full picture of where all of your relationships and project statuses stand.

With Accelo’s robust amount of data, BrightGauge is able to create out-of-the-box yet and fully customizable dashboards and reports for you to share status reports with your team and provide quick client updates.


Connecting to Accelo

After logging into your BrightGauge account, tap the “Data” tab in top navigation bar and select “Datasources”



Click on “Add a New Datasource” and then click on the "Accelo" icon. Once done, go through the configuration process via your Accelo account.




For information on how to set up other data and integrations, visit our datasources documentation page.


Out-of-the-Box Default Dashboards

Each integration for BrightGauge comes with a set of pre-built default dashboards for you to begin interpreting your data with.

With the Accelo datasource, you can work with any or all five of the provided datasets: Project KPIs, Sales KPIs, Service Ticket KPIs, Tasks KPIs, and Invoice KPIs. Each one comes with their own dashboard for you to start interpreting your data through.




If you don't see a Gauge here that you'd like included, you can always modify Gauges tab that pops out on the right or through the Gauge builder. Alternatively, you may reach out to our team of data experts to help you create a custom gauge or dashboard for your team.

BrightGauge pulls in all of your Accelo business intelligence, providing that extra layer of transparency through simple, yet powerful reporting and data visualization.


Report Building

You're Accelo integration comes with a ready-to-use Executive Report providing a Service Summary, Opened vs Closed Tickets Last Month, Opened Tickets by Class Last Month, and Most Active Users Last Month.




Other template reports included are your Daily Tech Summary and Weekly Sales Wrapup. You can choose to send any of these immediately, or on an ongoing basis. You choose when you'd like for these to send and the data will sync up within 10 minutes of going out.


Detailed Drilldown

Click on any metric in your reports or dashboards for a detailed Drilldown list of each data point and link back to the source for more information.




Your Datasets & Key Gauges

Invoice Data

This contains information on all invoices modified in the last 365 days.


  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Amount on Outstanding Invoices
  • Amount on Past Due Invoices
  • Amount on Outstanding Invoices by Company
  • Past Due Statuses on Invoices by Company
  • Amount on Invoices Due Next 90 Days by Week


Project Data

This dataset contains information on all projects (aka jobs) modified in the last 365 days.


  • Open Projects
  • Stale Projects
  • Past Due Projects
  • Projects Over 75% Complete
  • Over Budget Projects
  • Projects With No Budget
  • Hours Logged On Open Projects
  • Open Projects by Status
  • Open Projects
  • Projects Starting Next 30 Days
  • Projected Revenue on Projects Starting in the Next 30 Days
  • Projects Ending Next 30 Days
  • Revenue Remaining on Open Projects


Contract Data

This is a listing of all contracts within Accelo active (no expiration date) or expired greater than the last 365 days.


Sales Data

This dataset contains information on all sales opportunities created in the last 365 days.


  • Open Sales
  • Amount on Open Sales
  • Stale sales
  • Past Due Sales
  • Sales Next 30 Days
  • Amount for Sales Next 30 Days
  • Open Sales by Weighting
  • Open Sales by Manager
  • Open Sales by Status
  • Amount Won vs Lost Last 6 months
  • Amount for Sales Next 90 Days by Week


Task Data

This dataset contains information on tasks from all parts of the Accelo app. This is for tasks modified in the last 240 days.


  • Open Tasks
  • Unassigned Tasks
  • Stale Tasks
  • Tasks Over Budget
  • Past Due Tasks
  • Tasks Without Due dAte
  • Open Tasksy by Module
  • 2+ Hour Tasks
  • Tasks Without Budget
  • Past Due Tasks by Assignee
  • Open Tasks by Company
  • Open Tasks by Standing
  • Open Tasks by Assignee


Asset Data

This dataset is a listing of all active assets setup within your Accelo account. It is useful to keep track of things that you have setup as well as doing calculations such as Tickets per Endpoint


Ticket Statistics

This pulls in information for tickets (aka issues) opened in the last 240 days


  • Open Tickets
  • Past Due Tickets
  • Tickets Without Due Dates
  • Unassigned Tickets
  • Tickets Opened Today
  • Tickets Closed Today
  • Tickets Open by Status
  • Waiting Ope Tickets
  • Stale Tickets
  • 2+ Hour Tickets
  • Average Age of Open Tickets
  • Tickets Open by Assignee
  • Opened vs Closed Last 14 days


For more help with setting up your Accelo Integration, reach out to our support team.

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