7-August-2017 | Customer Thermometer NPS

Integrations Team -

Hi all,

Hope your summer is going well (and if you're from the other side of the planet, your winter). We're dying a bit in the heat here in Miami, but that doesn't stop us from adding in new parts to BrightGauge.


That being said the heat may be making us a bit crazy since this announcement is just for a single dashboard...


That's right, we're releasing a dashboard for companies to see their Net Promoter Score value from Customer Thermometer.

Why would we release a dashboard with just one number? Well this data is quite important to a company. Just like sales and ticket load, NPS is a key KPI for a company to track as it lets you know how much your clients love you, so it deserves a position all by itself.

If you're using Customer Thermometer with BrightGauge, this is now live in your account.

If you have more questions about how this number is calculated, head on over to Customer Thermometer's documentation here.


As always, have a great time with this new data point and let us know how we can improve your BrightGauge usage!

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