Quick Sync for PSA Cloud


Quick Sync gauges and dashboard reports are available for use with ConnectWise PSA™ (Manage) to display after new tickets are created or updated. The data in the Quick Sync gauges become available within a few minutes of creation or customer update. To learn more about displaying your most up-to-date data, refer to BrightGauge Dashboards documentation.

Important: This feature is available for cloud-hosted ConnectWise PSA™ (Manage) only. Before you connect to the PSA (Manage) Cloud as a datasource in BrightGauge®, you must create an API member with a dedicated security role. For more information, refer to Connect to ConnectWise Manage Cloud.


Business Use  

  • New Unassigned Tickets
  • Customer Updated Open Tickets


Field Descriptions  

Drill-down information is available from Quick Sync gauges:

Type Description
Ticket # Displays the ticket number. Clicking this number will bring you to the ticket in ConnectWise PSA (Manage).
Ticket Age Displays the age of the Service Ticket.
Summary Displays a summary of the issue.
Status Displays the status of the Service Ticket. Statuses should be changed as the work for the service ticket progresses. Statuses are defined in the Status Tab of the Service Board setup table. Assign service ticket defaults in the Service Board setup table.
Company Displays the company that the service ticket is for. 
Contact Displays the primary contact for the company by default. Use the picker in the Service Ticket to change the contact at any time.
Assigned Resources Displays internal resources assigned to the ticket. 
Priority Displays the priority of the service ticket. Priority is determined by the severity and impact caused by the issue. Selecting the severity and impact causes the system to automatically populate the priority assigned in the SLA Setup Table. Otherwise, PSA assigns the default set in the Priority Setup Table. If the ticket comes via the Customer Portal or Email Connector you can specify a default priority.
SLA Displays the name of the SLA.
Service Board Displays the Service Board the ticket currently exists on in ConnectWise PSA (Manage).
Last Updated Displays the date of the most recent update to the ticket.
CSV Export details from individual gauges. A link to the CSV file is sent to the email address associated with your BrightGauge account. Click the Download CSV link in the email. A new tab opens in your active web browser window and the file is downloaded.


Quick Sync for PSA Cloud 

Quick Sync gauges refresh every few minutes to provide the most up-to-date data and reporting from PSA. Quick Sync gauges can be added to your dashboard or reports to display the number of New Unassigned Tickets from the last 14 days and the most recent Customer Updated Open Tickets. A green checkmark displays in the bottom right of the gauge to help you locate active Quick Sync gauges. 

Note: This feature is available for cloud-hosted ConnectWise PSA only. For more information, refer to Connect to ConnectWise Manage Cloud.

To locate the Service Tickets - Quick Sync dashboard, follow the steps below.

  1. Use the drop-down menu located in the top left of your Dashboards screen.
  2. Search for Service Tickets - Quick Sync.
  3. The Service Tickets - Quick Sync Dashboard displays.
  4. Click on the number gauge you wish to view.
  5. More detailed information from the number gauges displays with defaulted filters in the drilldown screen.
    Note: You can use the Level field to filter tickets based on their priority level. The values available are Critical, High, Medium, and Low.
    • New Unassigned Tickets - Quick Sync Drilldown
    • Customer Updated Open Tickets - Quick Sync Drilldown
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