Agent Uninstall Report


This report provides information on the ITSupport247 Agent Uninstall Report. By default, the report shows the data for all your clients and sites. After you set up and schedule a report for a specific client, BrightGauge automatically filters data for that client site.

Gauges are currently set to show the most recent data.

Note: We have also added a gauge titled Agent Uninstall. This gauge contains a raw data dump for the Agent Uninstall information details of all the machines from all the sites combined.


Gauge Details

The following table provides details on the gauges included in the Agent Uninstall Report.

Gauge Name Description Data Columns

Agent Uninstall

This gauge shows Agent uninstall information data for all the uninstalled machines. The dataset contains details about the Agent Uninstall information of each endpoint. It contains uninstall reason and feedback as part of the Agent uninstall.

Data is collected every 8 hours and provided on daily basis.

Data is synchronized once every day into BrightGauge with the latest data.

  • Site Name
  • Machine Name
  • Friendly Name
  • Device Type
  • OS Type
  • Uninstall Reason
  • Uninstall Feedback
  • Uninstalled Datetime
  • Removed by (Username)


Agent Uninstall Report V2

The report generated with the above Gauge shows the details of endpoints that are uninstalled with reason and feedback (if any).

Below is a snapshot of the Report.


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