Invalid Dataset Error


The new sync architecture (called 2.0) provides more advanced datasets. The new 2.0 datasets work independently. Today, these datasets cannot be combined with existing datasets for creating multi-layer gauges. The following 2.0 datasets cannot be combined with existing datasets to create multi-layer gauges:

  • Acronis® Cyber Protect Cloud for BrightGauge - All datasets
  • ConnectWise RMM - Application Patch Deployment
  • ConnectWise RMM - Device Availability
  • PSA Cloud - New Unassigned Tickets
  • PSA Cloud - Time Entry Extended
  • PSA Cloud - Customer Updated Open Tickets

Error Screen

If you attempt to create a multi-layer gauge using a 2.0 dataset and a standard dataset you will receive the following error screen.

Image 2023-10-31 at 11.56.43 AM.jpg

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