Billing Page : Review Receipts/Update Credit Card/Edit Subscription

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Accessing the Billing Page 

In order to reach the billing page, log in to your BrightGauge admin account and follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Click on your username on the top right hand corner of the window and then select "Billing" from the dropdown menu.


Step 2 - Upon clicking that link you will be taken to the "Billing" page (which looks like the image below), where you can review all the details related to your subscription.




Reviewing Receipts

Receipts are chronologically listed in the center of the Billing page, with the most recent receipts at the top. (To access your Billing page, please refer to the section above.)  Receipts are updated every day at 5am local time for normal monthly receipts.  Any in-month payments based on upgrades will have their receipt shown immediately after the payment. 

To view a full detailed receipt:

Step 1 -  Select the "Download" option next to the desired receipt.


Step 2 - This will download a PDF version of the receipts for you to review and also print if needed. Below is a sample:




Updating Credit Card Information

Billing information is outlined midway down the Billing page on the right hand side of the screen. (To access your Billing page, please refer to this section.)

To update the credit card on file:

Step 1 - From the billing page, click on green “Edit Credit Card” button towards the right hand side of the screen. 


Step 2 - You will then be taken to a page where you can securely update the credit card details, see below:

Once the information has been updated correctly, a green confirmation banner will appear across the top of the page. You can then close this window and return to your account.



Updating Billing Contact Info

Billing contacts are outlined towards the bottom right hand corner of the Billing page. Contacts listed here receive billing notifications including receipts. (To access your Billing page, please refer to this section.)

To add new contacts:

Step 1 - Click on blue “Add an Email” button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen:



Step 2 - Upon clicking the button, an additional text box will appear at the bottom of the list. Here you can enter the desired email address and click on "Save": 


To edit/delete an exiting address:

Step 1 - Click on either the "pencil" icon (to edit) or "x" icon (to delete) next to to the desired email address:




Changing Subscription Plan (Upgrade/Downgrade)

Plan information is outlined on the top right corner of the Billing page. (To access your Billing page, please refer to this section.)

To update or change your BrightGauge subscription:

Step 1 - Review your current plan listed on the top right hand corner of the billing page. To compare between our plans and view the different features they offer, click on the “Learn more about pricing and plans".


Step 2 -  If you click the Make Changes button, you will be able to see everything your plan has to offer and make changes.  This is to change plans, add/remove users, and see the pricing of your plan.




Adding/Removing User and Datasource Licenses

Our different subscription plans include different numbers of user/datasource licenses, but additional licenses can be added and removed as needed. In order to remove licenses from your plan, you must do so from this billing page, and plan configurator modal.  

You can add users and datasource licenses to your plan by either adding them while you're adding the user or datasource, or you can add the licenses from this modal.  



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