Tooltip/Label Format Variables


This article provides information on the tooltip and label format variables available for gauges in the gauge builder. Tooltips display data for a particular piece of a gauge and can be set to always display or to only display when you hover over a part of a gauge. For example, they can show the value of a bar in a bar chart. You can access the tooltip settings by opening a gauge in the gauge builder and selecting the Design tab.


Change Tooltip Display Mode

To access the tooltip display mode:

  1. Open a gauge in the gauge builder.
  2. Select the Design tab in the left side panel.
  3. Click Tooltip Display.
  4. Select either Always On or On Hover.
  5. Click APPLY.



Custom Tooltips

Tooltips provide a better understanding of certain gauges by displaying exact section names or values. Wouldn't it be nice to customize them a bit? We thought so too. The following variables may be used for gauge tooltips in bar and line charts and as label formats in pie charts:

  • {series_name} - second dimension field name (bar and line chart)
  • {point_name} - dimension field name (primary and secondary) (pie chart)
  • {x_val} - primary dimension field value (bar and line chart)
  • {y_val} - measure value (bar and line chart)
  • {y_val2} - value for second dimensions (bar, line, and pie chart)
  • {point_val%} - measure value as a percentage of the whole pie (not of the primary dimension) (pie chart)
  • {point_val} - measure value (pie chart)

You can bold variables for extra emphasis by adding a double asterisk (**) to both sides of the variable:



Apart from the asterisks and the variables, anything you put into that field will show in the tooltip/label. To edit tooltips:

  1. Navigate to Tooltip Display under the Design tab.
  2. Modify the Text For Pop Up Box field as shown in the following examples.



Example 1  

**{series_name}** :  {y_val} by {x_val}

Kill Rate: Dec 13, 2019: 89%



Example 2      

{series_name} / {y_val}

Kill Rate / 89%



When using {point_name} and {series_name}, a blank (null) field value shows Series 1 (series name) or nothing (point name). 

These are just a few of the many new customization options available within BrightGauge.  We hope you'll be able to take advantage of these tips. If you have any questions, please contact Support by selecting Help Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

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