Permissions for ConnectWise SQL Datasets

For ConnectWise Manage, we also need the "EXECUTE" permission. This is a requirement for some of our more advanced datasets. This is related to technician costs, so if you're not interested in the data related to that, used in metrics looking at Agreement Profitability, Project Profitability, or Time Entry cost, then let us know and we'll remove the fields for you.

This permission is made at the database level, so if using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):

  1. find your database for ConnectWise on the left
  2. Right click and go to properties
  3. Go to permissions
  4. Select the user created for BrightGauge and scroll down and Grant the Execute permission. If you see 2 Execute permissions, grant it for the current schema (dbo is the default schema).


This is a bit complicated, so if you need guidance, here's a video:

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  • The Connectwise Database User created for our connection.

  • When you say the user, which user are you referring to?