Deleted Tickets on Cloud Solutions

Are you using a hosted/cloud solution with BrightGauge and seeing higher numbers than you’re expecting?  This might be an issue with deleted tickets.

The problem is with how cloud services report deletions through the API.  A better description is that there is a lack of notification for deleted items.  In order for BrightGauge to do fast syncing, we employ a process known as delta updates.  This means that we only get details from the information that has changed or is new.  This includes any time a status changes, a server goes offline, or a technician creates a new time entry.  When you delete a ticket though, the API does not send out a signal indicating that the entry has been deleted or flags it within their database, the entry simply isn’t there.  As a result, our system can’t know if the ticket has been deleted or if it just isn’t getting updated.

What we do then to wipe out deleted tickets or entries from our side is to perform a full sync.  We drop everything on our end and get the current status of the data from the API for everything.  Unfortunately, this is often a slow process, so it won’t work with fast syncs.  We thus made the decision to run the full sync during the daily sync time (midnight your timezone setting).

What does this mean for your company?  Well if you’re in the habit of routinely deleting tickets, then counts would routinely be off.  Luckily we have not encountered this often, but instead, our clients often move tickets that should be deleted to a spam status/board and then filter it out in the gauge.

If you have any questions, please contact Support by selecting Help > Open a Ticket from the top menu bar.

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