Getting Started & Onboarding Overview

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Welcome to BrightGauge!

First of all, you’re going to need your account details (subdomain and credentials) that were emailed shortly after signing up to the person that originally created the account . That same person, should also receive a second email from our team welcoming you to the BrightGauge family and kicking off the on-boarding process.  The BrightGauge team members on this second ticket will be your contacts throughout these initial steps, so feel free to send them any questions you may have.  You can reach them by replying to the on-boarding Kickoff email or sending an email to


Step #1 - Connect Your Data

Our team can answer any questions you may have about getting connected, but they don't know your passwords or have direct access to your datasources.  Thus, getting connected is something that you must initially undertake on your own.  Luckily it's a very simple process and we have some step by step guides you can follow here:

Of course if you encounter any issues while getting setup, let us know and we can assist or get you connected with the support team. 

Once you're connected and feel comfortable with the software, let our Team know and they'll get you started on the next steps!


Step #2 - Learn the Platform

Our training is a great first glance of our product. Below are some resources to help you start learning the ropes:


Step #3 - Customize to Your Needs

Our one-on-one Onboarding call allows users to dive into the product with your own data and our experts.


Step #4 - Start Visualizing

You have all the tools, now we encourage you to fully embrace the application by building gauges, setting up reports, using dashboards, and creating goals!


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