Common QuickBooks Issues & Self-Troubleshooting

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We're excited to have you onboard with QuickBooks as we know accessing the data can be a problem in the default app.  That being said this is one of our more complex integrations, so if you're having issues, please let us know right away and we'd be glad to look into it.  However if you're one of those self-help first types of people, then this is the document for you!  We've separated it into a few sections (in likelihood of issues):

  1. BrightGauge Connector
  2. mySQL Issues
  3. Agent Issues


BrightGauge Connector

The connector we're using is unique as it's taking data from the QuickBooks file, decrypting it through QuickBooks and then dumping it to the mySQL database.  It's also doing this on a schedule.  As you can see, there's a few points of where it can fail, so let's look into them:

  1. Syncing Service (Schedule Regulator)
    1. When you open the tool, if the Service Status says Stopped, please start it.  You can also run a manual sync to give the data a jump start by right clicking on the tasks to the left and clicking run.
    2. This service can run into issues when your user actually logs off from the server.  Try to disconnect instead of actually logging off.
    3. The software developers are looking into making the tool run as a windows service natively, but there is a work around.  You can find it here.
  2. QuickBooks authentication
    1. It's rare, but there are instances where QuickBooks authentication has been lost or corrupted.  You can tell this by looking at the sync history for the tasks.  These can be a bit confusing though, so if you're getting lost, copy the last sync history of one task and email it to our support desk.
  3. mySQL connection
    1. This is even more rare then the one above, but to test, click on the database in the tree to the left and look at the error table to the right.  There should be an authentication error there if there is one.  Again you can email support to help decipher.
    2. If you change your mySQL password, then it can affect the connector's syncing.  You'll need to create a new connection, pointing it to the old database, update the sync tasks to point to the new database connection, and then delete the old connection.

mySQL Issues

  1. mySQL database not running
    1. If you're finding out that the Connector and BrightGauge itself cannot reach the database, then most likely the mySQL service is stopped.  Pull up the Windows Service Manager ( run -> services.msc) and start the mySQL server.  It'll be under mySQL56 or a different number depending on mySQL version.
    2. You can also install a mySQL notifier to monitor this service.  You can install it at first setup or by downloading it from here.
  2. mySQL root password lost
    1. if you have lost the root password, it's possible to change it.  You can do so by following this tutorial.
  3. BrightGauge user password lost
    1. if you lost the password for the user that you setup for BrightGauge to use, it's easiest to just create a new user.  The easiest way is to use a GUI tool like HeidiSQL login as root and create a new user.


BrightGauge Agent

If the datasets haven't synced in some time, check your datasource.  If the agent IP and port fields are red, this means the agent is not-reachable.  

  1. Please double check the machine the agent is on and make sure it's still on.  
  2. Check the BrightGauge service and make sure it's on.
  3. Make sure the information in the BrightGauge Agent Manager are still valid.   If not update on the Agent Manager, click save & start service, and then update the information on the BrightGauge website.



If none of this helps or is too much, no worries!  Reach out to our support desk through email or creating a ticket here.

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