October 2015 | Release Summary (ending November 6)

Brian Dosal -

Deep Linking!!! Woot Woot!

We released an awesome new feature called Deep Linking!  Deep Linking is all about linking key fields from datasets so you can click on them in gauges, and BrightGauge will open a new window back to your datasource.  This is live for Connectwise, LabTech, Autotask, and Labtech.  We're still waiting to hear back from N-Able and Kaseya users to figure out what's needed there to make it work. Maxfocus and Tigerpaw are not able to have deep linking available.


Calculation on a Calculation

This month we also made great iterations to our Calculated Metrics Feature.  Now you can perform a calculation on an already calculated field.  Remember, this feature is only for Advanced Accounts.  Upgrade today and check out this powerful feature for building your metrics.


Export Datasets to CSV

Ever wanted to get your raw data out to do some crazy Data Discovery on your own. Now you can export raw dataset data to CSV.  Just go to a Dataset page and press the export button and the raw data will be emailed to you.



Client Mapping Available for Dropbox Datasets

Now when you have some important dropbox datasets, you can easily include them in client reports by mapping them to your client.  This works great for our new integration with Nex.to and others like phone systems, etc.  


It doesn't stop there, we've also done the following:

  • Turned on Dashboard Filters for Viewers!! One small step on our way to improving these important Dashboard Filters.
  • When using the Gauge Builder using Date Filters, we added this AWESOME  checkbox to Exclude current hour/day/month/week.  
  • For charts, when the minimum number of Y-Axis is below 0, the chart now automatically scales below zero.
  • And now, as part of the #nakedgauge2015 scandal, you can remove the X-Axis Chart labels (only, not Y-Axis) should you want to save some space in your dashboard or report!  It feels naked to us, but we see the value. :)
  • You can now hide a calculated layer. one step closer to calculation on a calculation!
  • When a user is creating a client report and there is a gauge that is NOT being filtered, we now have this big ass alert for the user to know.
  • When building a gauge and you have a dimension, the number gauge is greyed out so you don't get confused by clicking it and not having a logical representation of data. #UXrocks
  • For Week Date Dimensions, we changed the format on charts to have more context of what week it was when viewing the chart.
  • In different parts of the application, we alphabetized the list so its easier to find who/what you're looking for. 
  • In the Gauge Builder, using Layers, we made changes to hiding and remove layers and removed that ugly "eye" that was creeping us all out.
  • When using a Calculated Metric we handled Dividing by 0 and showing "DIV/0!" error so users can change their formula.  


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    Jeff Borello

    You guys crack me up with some of the wording in these things...love it. Keep the fun coming! Lots of good new stuff - thanks for keeping that coming too.

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    Brian Dosal

    Thanks Jeff!

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