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The QuickBooks integration with BrightGauge is a bit different.  This is because we have to dump data from the QuickBooks file into a SQL database for us to then query to display in BrightGauge.  As a result, setting this up requires a few extra steps, which we've outlined below.  Once those steps are completed, you'll then need to schedule an implementation call with our Support Team so that we can get everything set up for you.


Step 1 - Choose a host device and domain user for the integration 
Our integration requires a couple of separate tools that must be installed on a device of you choosing. This device can be either a server or workstation. (Please note that we recommend a server due to reliability and uptime). Requirements for the device are listed below:

-OS of Server 2012 R2 or later for servers (Windows 7 or later for workstations)
-At least 4GB RAM (Recommended 8GB. Best Performance 12Gb+)
-At least a Single Core 3GHZ (Recommended Dual Core 2GHz Processor. Best PerformanceQuad Core 2GHz+)
-NET Framework 2.0 Installed (or 3.5 which includes 2.0 with it)
-QuickBooks Client Installed (NOT the database manager. A full installation of the client to access the company file is required. Currently only the years 2016 or later are supported))
-Ensure that there are NO existing instances on MySQL installed. 

NOTE: The installation does require a task to be created in "Task Scheduler." Therefore, we recommend being able to setup/configure the integration using a domain user that does not have any password rules or expiration in place. This will prevent the task from constantly breaking due to password changes. (Recommended: A domain admin or a system account setup as a local admin.)



Step 2 - Download MySQL
Our integration with QuickBooks requires the deployment of mySQL. Please download the install file on the machine you have chosen above before our implementation call. We require a custom setup of the application, therefore please DO NOT run the install. We will install and configure it together during the implementation call. Download here: MySQL file

Our integration also requires a separate tool to pull the data from your QuickBooks file into mySQL. We will download this tool and install it during the implementation call.



Step 3 - Confirm "Admin" Access to QuickBooks
During our implementation call, you will need the ability to login as the "Admin" user for the company file that we will be connecting to. (Please note that logging in as a regular user with admin privileges does not suffice; you need the ability to login as the Admin user.)

Part of the implementation process also requires that you temporarily switch from "multi-user" to "single-user" mode. Since this will cause some, albeit very limited, downtime, please schedule accordingly.


Step 4 - Confirm BrightGauge Agent Connectivity
Our integration requires that you have our BrightGauge agent be able to connect to the mySQL database from step 1. The agent does not need to be on the same box, but it must be on the same local network (or at the very least have no firewall interference between the two machines). Documentation to download and install the agent is here: BrightGauge Agent


Step 5 - Confirm You’re Ready for the Implementation Call
Once the steps above are completed, please confirm by emailing our Support Team using this scheduling link  to let them know that you’re ready to schedule the implementation call.

For more details on the integration please visit our QuickBooks Overview and FAQs and we look forward to having you on board with our BrightGauge integration with QuickBooks.


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