November 2015 | Releases Summary (ending December 4th)

Brian Dosal -

Since you’re interested in our release notes, we figured we’d spice things up for you. Please pop this video in a new browser tab and then sit back and enjoy the rythym, the awkward 80’s style, and our release notes:

OK let’s do this!

In Big News,

  • NEW CHART TYPE!!!  Progress Gauge is LIVE to the world.  From New York to the Philippines people are using the Progress Gauge currently.  We no longer live in a world where BrightGauge doesn't have a "gauge" in their own app.  Life CAN go on... and you probably expected it but we also got jiggy with it and added conditional coloring for the gauge.
  • Speaking of cool, has your data ever been happy, so-so happy, or frowny-faced?  Ours has been, so we added some appropriate icons to use in Table Thresholds courtsey of our friends at Nex.To - See my Gauge Here.

But what else did we do? Eat bonbons? No, we got to work and had some fun.

  • There is an ostrich in BrightGauge somewhere now.  Seriously, an ostrich.  If you find it, email us and we’ll send you a BrightGauge Tshirt!!!  
  • Dimensions were really getting our skin.  If you read the next three bullets you will understand how we chuck norris'd dimension problems.
    • If you had a Number Gauge or Progress Gauge, the dimension area was still screaming DROP ON ME, DROP ON ME... as if that worked, like no way.  Everyone knows you can't have a dimension with a number gauge (well not everyone, new customers were really confused).  So we just removed that from being an option.
    • Have you heard of a 3rd BrightGauge? Um, heck now.  We're not Oculus, we're BrightGauge.  So why did that dimension drop area also still ask for a pill to DROP when there were already two dimensions.  #crazy #removed
    • And have you ever heard of a gauge with a second dimension being the same as first??  No no. Impossible, gauge would explode of confusion.  Yet it WAS possible and the gauge did explode on our users.  So we don't allow that anymore either...

There is still more, don't worry, I just wanted to break off the bullets because they were making my head hurt...  Break complete!!!  Back on the dance floor now with Gloria!

  • SYNCING UPDATE - Those daily 5pm reports going out with previous midnight data were really getting under people's skin.  Like our development team listening to Jam Bands...super frustrated.  So we decided to get SMART with syncing and sync all datasets that power gauges on a report an HOUR before the report is run. More up to date data, more smarts, less 18 minute guitar solos.
  • Oh Dashboards, my Dashboards.   When you edit a dashboard, the gauge drawer doesn't slide over the dashboard, it shrinks the dashboard. I know what you're thinking, "finally!" We like to be responsive.
  • Speaking of responsive, We're making the Gauge Builder a bit more responsive.  For small windows and long filters, we now drop things to a second or third line.  #responsivewordplay

Bullet Break #2... Hit replay on the youtube song, the rhythm can still get you! OH A OHHHH, OH A OHHH AHHHH. Ok, back at it.

  • On the Gauges page, there is now a filter for un-used gauges - which once clicked will show a list of the gauges not used in a dashboard or in a scheduled report.  Helpful for people wanting to delete gauges to clean up their system.
  • Also on the Gauges page, the dataset is now hyperlinked so you can click through directly to the dataset. - oh man, so sexy, so smooth.  ooooh baby!  
  • On Dashboards, there is now a Copy Gauge Link in the top right of the gauge card.  This makes it super fast for grabbing the URL for sharing with others (via any channel you want).  Just click the button and you have the link copied to your clipboard.  Very cool!
  • Lastly, get ready for Gauge Descriptions to be the next big thing.  Gauge Descriptions now show on hover when adding gauges from Report Builder or Dashboard.  they are everywhere and we’ll continue making them easy to edit so they can be more useful.

Ok, for just one month this note has already outlasted Gloria's dancing ability in 80's leotards.  That’s it for the month.  So much more happening behind the scenes that we’ll share with you all soon hopefully. Until then.. 

See you on the flip side,

Brian & The Product Team

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