December 2015 | Release Summary (ending January 4th)

Brian Dosal -

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and hope you all had a fantastic holiday.  At BrightGauge we certainly had a great end of the year with plenty of celebrations.  And don't worry, plenty of development work too.

But I have to admit, many of the things we worked on are still in internal testing.  You'll see the culmination of many of these larger projects this quarter so we'll have to keep the lid on them for a little bit longer.  sorry!

For announceable features / improvements, we had a few:

  • When in the Dashboard, and clicking on the Info Icon, a modal pops up with the Gauge Description.  You can now edit the Gauge directly from this modal.  Simple and helpful!
  • When using a Calculated Metric, we changed the Layer Name to "Calc 1" or "Calc 2" depending how many you have. This makes finding the calculated metric much easier.
  • When editing a dashboard or creating a report, the speed of loading up the gauges should be much faster.  We have some customers with over 1,000 gauges and it was taking some time to load those pages.  Fixed that up you crazy Gaugers!  

I know what you're thinking, 3 things doesn't sound like much of development, but trust me, the dev team had smoke coming out of their ears.   We spent the rest of the month not only iterating over these secret features but also cleaning up edge case bugs that were outstanding from the massive development efforts in November and October.

January will be full of changes and improvements.  I look forward to sharing them in a month.  Feel free to email with any questions!



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