January 2016 | Release Summary (ending January 29th)

Brian Dosal -

First month of 2016 is in the books and we’re happy to share with you what we’ve accomplished from a new feature perspective.  Similar to December, we worked on a few project that aren’t  live yet and taking quite a bit of time but we’re almost there and excited to ship them.  But not to worry, we always sprinkle in improvements while tackling big projects and many are based directly on your feedback.

To start, we made a really nice improvement to the Saving Gauge process.  Basically, the feedback we heard from you was that you wanted to Save & Continue instead of being kicked out back to the gauges page when building a gauge.  So that was change number one!  But we took it a step further and made the Save As functionality a bit more clear because many of you (and us too) are usually working fast in the Gauge Builder.  Now when you click to SAVE in an existing gauge you’re presented with two options, one to update the current gauge and one to save as a new one.  Video Here - http://bgsme.co/KMnE.  This has helped this experience quite a bit!

We always want to continue improving our dashboard experience and this month we made some simple yet powerful little improvements.  Here are the three main improvements:

  • TV mode has its own unique URL now.  Take any dashboard URL you have and add /tv to the end of it and you’ll be taken to TV mode.  You’ll then have to go into fullscreen mode from there to take over the monitor.  
  • We love shortcut keys and we added one of our first ones to the dashboard.  If you press "t" when in a dashboard you’ll be taken directly to TV mode.
  • On a dashboard gauge card, when a last sync failed, you will now see a more contextual error alert that lets you know it failed.  Small, but important improvement there.

But we didn’t stop there with these little wins.  We spent some time doing some work to improve calculated metric building experience.  Now, when creating a calculated metric and you move items around in your formula, there is a new “Apply Preview” button which updates the calculation you see below.  

As you can imagine, our Gauge Builder is an extremely popular and powerful feature set and alot has to do with the customizable filters.  We added three more options to date filters:

  • Next (N) Months with option to exclude current month
  • Week to Date filter of (Sun-Sat) or (Mon-Sun)
  • Last (n) quarters

It was a fun January for us as we’re cruising along with some big features and at the same time making the app faster and faster and doing some top-secret stuff.  Stay tuned, should be a good February.

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