February 2016 | Release Summary (ending February 26th)

Brian Dosal -

February was an exciting month for us to release some really useful features for our community.  Below is a list of 7 key features and this month we added the visual improvements along with the feature we release.   By the way, many were taken from our Feature Request Forum and through support so please keep adding and voting. 

Without further ado... I present you 7 awesome features shipped in February.


1 - Export Drilldown Data to CSV - One of our most popular feature requests is the ability to download the drilldown detail from our gauges.  Simply click the link for CSV and the download will commence.


2 - Export Gauge Data to CSV - Continuing with the “download” theme you now have the ability to download any gauge data to a CSV.  This means any list gauge or table gauge can be downloaded with no limits to the amount of rows downloadable.  



3 - Removing Gauges from Dashboard - To make things easier on the dashboard, we have added the option to “Remove Gauge” right from the gauge on a dashboard saving you several steps in the process and making managing your dashboard that much easier.


4 - Data Source Connectivity Alerts - We have introduced the ability to send an email alerting you that we can not connect to a data source.  This email will be sent daily at 5:00am base on your time zone.


5 - Date Filters to Search Sent Reports - We have added another component to improve the way you search for historical reports allowing you to search by date range.

6 - Alerting Unsaved Gauge Builder Changes - Any time you have made changes in the Gauge Builder but have not saved those changes you will be prompted before leaving the page giving you the opportunity to save your gauge edits.


7 - Layer Overflow Simplification - For those of you on the Advanced Plan leveraging our Calculated Metrics, we have cleaned up and simplified the visualization once you have too many layers to fit in your screen size.


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