15-Mar-2016 | Dataset Sync History

Brian Dosal -

Hello Friends!

We recently released a new feature that we’ve been working to expose for a few months.  We call it “Sync History” and the page shows the last 7 days of all your dataset syncs with two powerful filters, dataset and sync status.  You can find this feature by going to your setting menu in the top right of the navigation system. 

With Sync History, you can view all the syncs for your datasets which is quite helpful in seeing when syncs happen, how long they take, and understanding errors if they come in.

Here is a GIF file that shows you the few different filter options for viewing datasets.

Pretty cool stuff for the Admins who have access to this feature (No Analysts orViewers have access).

New Feature Disclaimer :)

Since this is a NEW feature and there are THOUSANDS of syncs that happen every minute with us, we are still seeing some "unknown" errors out there.  As we see them, thought, we will be categorizing them correctly to have more helpful information than just "Unknown Error".  If you see any, feel free to email us at support@brightgauge.com.  

On-Premise Error Expectations

With agent based syncs, there could be intermittent syncs that fail.  Nothing that necessarily should be alarming since many times we try resyncing quickly afterwards.   With on-premise customers, there are a few more variables at play as you can imagine like firewall connections, database load on client side, and agent load on client side.  So keep an eye out for if errors happen, at what frequency, as that may help you diagnose the problem faster.

We really are excited to expose this data to you!  We think it'll help the experience and understanding of the ever important syncing of data with BrightGauge.

API Datasets

If you are looking at your API sync history, you may notice multiple different datasets that show up in your sync history. Probably some you have never seen before.  This is because for some API calls, we have to make multiple API requests from the 3rd party.  We expose that in sync history so you can see the entire picture of syncing that powers your one dataset.


Note: We’re switching up the format a bit and now giving you a feature by feature announcements.  We release often and don’t want to minimize any feature that may come out combined with others or wait an entire month if a feature comes out just after the 1st. 


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