6-Apr-2016 | Easier Movability of Gauges within Reports

Brian Dosal -

Yesterday we released a really nice improvement to the Report Builder.  As many know, when you add a gauge to a report it automatically adds it at the bottom of the report.  When building large reports, this can be cumbersome to drag your gauges from the bottom where they were placed to somewhere else in the report.  Well now, you have more options to move gauges up and down one level as well as to the top and to the bottom.



On hovering a gauge or text module in the report, you will see the up/down arrows.  Once selected the dropdown you see above will show.  Here is how it works in action:

This improvements makes the report builder that much easier to use when building lengthy reports, especially with large tables!

Hope you enjoy.


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    Lowell Picklyk

    Nice improvement! I struggled with this whenever making larger reports. And some browsers would bog down more than others.

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