2-June-2016 | Key Hyperlinks Added

Brian Dosal -

Odd title you may be thinking but it was the best way to describe two new features we shipped to everyone.  

Link to Dataset from Gauge Builder

In the Gauge Builder, there is now a hyperlink to the dataset that's powering the gauge (layer) that takes you to another browser window.  And we also added in the last time that dataset had synced too (bonus points for us). 


Link to Gauge Builder from Reports Sent and Report Builder

We added a perfect way to jump from Report Builder and Reports Sent to the Gauge Builder.  This happens often...you're building a report and want to edit a Gauge because it doesn't look right.  Before you'd have to leave the Report Builder but now you can just click on the title of the Gauge and it will pop open the Gauge Builder in another tab.

Secondly, IF you are logged in and viewing a sent report (meaning your browser has you logged into BrightGauge), the title of the Gauge is clickable as well.  So we helped those of us who use BrightGauge daily without confusing customers who receive reports and don't have access to BrightGauge!!  BOOM!!


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