Known Issues List

Below is a listing of known issues within BrightGauge sorted by date added to this list.  Being on this list does not mean the issue will not be fixed, but that it will take longer than normal to fix it.

Last Update: 9 May 2017

Date Added Issue Area Issue
30 January 2016 Gauge Building When you change the field formatting on a gauge and then create a new layer, the previous edits to formatting are undone.  This only occurs when you edit the formatting on layer 1 and create layer 2.  If you edit layer 2 and create layer 3, changes are not reverted
24 February 2016 Drilldown Export When exporting drilldown to a CSV, the column headers reflect the dataset names, not the renamed names
6 May 2016 Drilldown Export Drlldown in an exported CSV is different than within the gauge.  The exported drilldown is filtered based on the dates within the dataset (UTC), not the timezone adjusted dates as seen in the gauge.
4 June 2016 Gauge Building Limits on dual dimension gauges sometimes don't appear correctly.  A dual dimension gauge will sometimes show 23 items instead of cutting off at 25 (when there's 30 items in the list).  This varies depending on data within the gauge
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