28-June-2016 | Global Mapping of Images for Leaderboard Gauge

Brian Dosal -

We just released an update to our newest Gauge type, Leaderboard Gauge, that improves the usability of mapping images to the same dimension multiple times.

Simply put, as of today, whenever you map an image to a value, we’ll remember it and apply the same image to that dimension in future Leaderboard Gauges.  This way we save you the step of having to always “re-map” the image for each new leaderboard gauge.  And if you edit a mapping of an image on one gauge, it will apply to all others as well.  

We do know people like to have a little fun with images.  So if you don’t want to show a specific image for a dimension just for one gauge, you can do just that.  We added a little check box where you can “opt out” of having the image apply to all gauges with this dimension.

We hope you like this improvement!   Let us know if you have any questions.



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