4-May-2016 | Improved Handling of Datasets

Brian Dosal -

This week we released two pretty nifty features that improved the experience when dealing with datasets.  More specifically though, we cleaned up and clarified two different “states” that customers may have found themselves after working with datasets.

When you changed a dataset and it broke a custom gauge because a field changed.

Let's say you were viewing a gauge that had a filter of "date_entered_utc" which came from the dataset.  But then... another user in your company went into the dataset and changed that field name to "date_entered" because he’s SQL guy and wanted to clean up field names.  Before, this would break that gauge in the dashboard and you couldn’t get into Gauge Builder to fix it up (green spinners forever).  Super annoying!   We now fixed this experience where you would see an alert in the dashboard and then in the Gauge Builder you would see the broken field in red.  See images below for examples

After saving a dataset, clarifying the "processing" state

When you save a dataset, it could take 5 seconds to completely save and sync or it could take up to a few minutes.  It’s impossible to know since it’s your data and there are so many variables.  Before our recent change, if you saved a dataset, and then went to build a gauge off that dataset and it hadn't finished saving, the gauge builder would just spin out forever.  Again, annoying!!!  As of this week, we added a "processing" tag wherever you see the dataset so you know it's still saving.  And we won’t let you use it when building a gauge since it's not ready yet.  Simple, yet so wonderful!

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