11-May-2016 | New Report Finalize Step

Brian Dosal -

Today we released a user interface improvement which enhances the Report Building experience.  Ever since we launched this version of BrightGauge, we knew we could do better with finalizing a report than this:

Back then we quickly created a new design for this step but it got shelved so we could get to higher priority items.  Well, we dusted off that old design and found an opening in our development process to improve this experience.  And this is the outcome:

As you can see, we went with a much more “email” centric design which is in fact what this last step is doing.  It's emailing whoever you choose.   By virtue of an email-like design, we consolidated the three steps of a modal into one clean page.   Beautiful!


The biggest functional difference is the CC field.  Previously, you could “CC Me” on certain reports.  Now, with this change, you can CC anyone (including yourself) and whoever is in that line will be CC’d on all reports to the To: field.  So that functionality is a little different. 

Regarding the “To:” field... not to worry, they will be sent separate emails each.

Hope you like the new change and let us know if you have any questions.  It was fun for us to make a more pure UI improvement to make the product even more delightful to use.

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