18-May-2016 | Table Size Customization

Brian Dosal -

It’s hard to make a table look pretty.  Think about it... have you ever seen a table of data and said... WOW... that is beautiful?  Exactly... we haven’t either.  But we know tables are critical in BrightGauge and many folks use tables not just in Reports but in Dashboards too.  

That’s why, today, we shipped a feature that puts the power of SIZE in your hands. For Tables and List Gauges, in Gauge Builder Design Settings, you now have the ability to adjust the size of the table between Small, Medium, & Large.  The intent is that we want to give flexibility to re-size tables for those users who add tables to dashboards in TV mode so they can read the data from further away.  Check out the gif for more details.

And not to worry, this will NOT affect tables in reports.  Those need to stay small!

PS - As with all features, we definitely want feedback.  This is an approach we may take with other chart types (and number gauges) to solve the same issue of wanting to make things “bigger” in TV mode data can more be easily read from further away.

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