10-June-2016 | New Gauge Type: Leaderboard Gauge!

Brian Dosal -


We heard a similar theme over and over again during our feedback calls over the past year.  Our customers were creating dashboards in order to create a mini-competition within their teams.  So we decided to make this a bit easier by introducing a special gauge type, called Leaderboard Gauge.  You can think of this gauge type as a special table with three unique features:

  1. Ranking
  2. Images
  3. Badges

Let’s talk specifics, when you create a gauge you now have an option for a new Gauge type:

With this gauge type you need a measure and a dimension.  Once you configure those, the table automatically has a ranking from “1” to however many rows exist.  The ranking is purely based on how you sort the gauge and therefore mostly for context when consuming this table.

Now as you can see from those smiling faces, we’ve added the ability to add images to this gauge type.  You do so by clicking in the Gauge itself where the image placeholder exists.

Once you click on the image placeholder, a modal pops open with the ability upload/crop an image and select it for that dimension value you clicked on.  This is ideal adding engineer pictures or client logos to create a more contextual gauge! Once you upload a picture you can use the same picture in any future gauge.  

Lastly, we added a little more fun for creating that competition with badges.  In Design Settings there is a new option called “Badges” for leaderboard gauges that works similar to color thresholds.  The difference is that badges are always located in the right column of the table and can only be used for one measure.   You can see from the screenshot below we’ve added a couple of different section of badge ideas.

That’s a wrap!  When you add your leaderboard gauge, be sure to use the new sizing feature in tables to make these images and badges bigger for your TVs.  

Enjoy and as always, feedback is welcomed.  We want this to be the foundation of some fun competition we can bring to your teams.



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    Sonny Childs

    Hmm... I'm digging the new gauge, but badges appear to go off of the data, and not the 'rank' of the row. Any chance on letting us assign badges purely based on the rank? Otherwise, there's lots of overlap unless you spend a good amount of time getting the thresholds just right.

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    Brian Dosal

    Hi Sonny,

    Yes, we're going to work on that feature for sure!

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