15-June-2016 | New Dashboard Features!!! Favorites, Cloning, New Switching Modal, and More

Brian Dosal -

Hello All!

We’re keeping the fun of June going with a big honking release that contains:

  1. New dashboard settings menu
  2. New dashboard switching experience
  3. New feature of CLONING dashboards
  4. New feature of FAVORITING dashboards.
  5. New editing of dashboard names

Here’s a quick video explaining the new changes and below is more detail on each of the changes!

Three Dot Menu - New Settings Menu

We moved away from the Dashboard gear icon and away from the “builder” state of a dashboard.  This means when adding users, gauges, and filters, the dashboard AUTO SAVES.  We did this by consolidating all dashboard functionality into a settings menu to the left of the Dashboard name... in the three dot menu.  

This three dot menu style has become very usable and popular within our community and we will be rolling this out throughout the rest of the pages when they get refreshed (and they will all get refreshed).

Note: Now when you press Add Gauges the same drawer pops out but to close you can just press X!

Switching Dashboards

Switching Dashboards got a major overhaul in this release.  Instead of having a simple dropdown, we created a modal that has a search bar at the top.  When you press “Switch Dashboards” from the new dashboard menu (or by pressing “s” key in the dashboard) the cursor will already be in the search bar so you can start typing and just hit the arrow key down to find your dashboard.  Super fast and efficient way to change dashboards.  The modal is organized by favorited dashboards first (new feature!!!) and then rest of dashboards in alphabetical order.

Favoriting Dashboard

As I just described above, the switch dashboard modal is organized by favorited dashboards first so those are easiest to find when looking for dashboards. You can favorite a dashboard by going into the settings menu of the dashboard and clicking favorite!  Very easy, very functional.  And these are personal favorites so they are only visible to you.

Cloning a Dashboard

A big feature request from our users was to more easily create multiple dashboards similar to each other.  So we decided to add in the ability to CLONE a dashboard from the dashboard settings menu.  It’s work just as you would think, click to Clone, give it a name, and the new dashboard is created with the same gauges as before.

Editing Dashboard Name In-Line

Lastly, when creating a dashboard you will be first prompted to give your dashboard a name.  Not to worry though if you want to change the name later, you just hover over the name of the dashboard, and click to edit (very similar to the Report Builder).  The dashboard name will save once you press the enter key or just click on any part of the app.

That’s a wrap, lots of little features and consolidation of features in one release.  Stay tuned for more changes coming soon to the dashboard. 



PS - Feedback is always welcomed.


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  • Avatar
    Kris Headrick

    Switching Dashboards should be a separate dropdown for administrators, I almost clicked on the delete accidentally since it is right above the switch.

  • Avatar
    Brian Dosal

    Good feedback Kris. Thank you!

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