29-June-2016 | New Integration Announcement: Datto

Eric Dosal -

BrightGauge Announces New Integration with Datto

Managing your data is about to get even better, with the addition of Datto in your BrightGauge! Datto offers comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions to thousands of managed service providers worldwide, and we’re thrilled to make it easier than ever for our customers to access that data.

Our Datto integration gives you the ability to seamlessly track your backups and manage the amount of data you are storing for your clients, in real time. Add that to your PSA, RMM, and QuickBooks data (plus tons of other sources), for a single view of all the metrics that help run your business - without the pain of logging into all those separate sources.

One of our favorite gauges shows you how much of each device is in use, which could lead to a device upgrade, or at least alert your team that an agent needs to be moved.

By default, Datto devices should check in automatically every so often, but if those devices are out of communication, how fast will your team know about it? If you’re utilizing our new gauge, it’s as simple as adding a color-changing threshold for an easy-to-spot update that will show on your dashboard in real time.

We’ve also included a place for screenshot images, so backup monitoring and verification can be tracked right in your dashboard.

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